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Project Discovery

In this phase, DBe works with the client and all active project members, to create the scope, Budget & Feasibility of the project, and work with our Real Estate group in the Site Selection process.


Site Acquisition, Planning & Financing

We perform our Due Diligence to vet the project to its fullest and best use. We create preliminary budgets, clarify goals and Scope Creation thru program requirements and create an early Master Schedule. We prepare the list of professionals needed thru our proprietary network and select the Architect, Site/Civil, Structural, MEP, Geotechnical, Energy Code consultants, and other design consultants required. Thru DBe our Real Estate Capital Advisory Group, has the capability to provide Placement of Funds to secure the site based on our collective Financial Analysis and Pro-forma data.

Budget, Schedule & Design

We provide on-going management of the Architectural & Engineering documents for Project Compliance, Constructibility, Zoning, Permitting, and Code issues. We Value Engineer design thru our Solution-Focused, consultative approach resulting in positive options tailored to the project to achieve the best value for our client. Bidding/Negotiated Bid is prepared with our Qualified Venders for each trade so that we can establish a final project Pro-Forma and final Construction Schedule. DBe negotiates financial issues, and determine the most suitable Construction Delivery Method. We offer a diverse array of Financial Options with our lending partners tailored for each unique Real Estate scenario.

Construction Management & Monitoring

The management of field operations is paramount to the success of every project. Our CM process allows our team to control costs, execute scope of work and maintain the project schedule. DBe includes the management of the Pre-Construction design phase, Bid Award, Construction and Closeout phases. See below for our typical services within each area. 

CM Plan: Manage to the agreement

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