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Activate 'Dead Space' in Commercial Developments

How to Energize Dead Space in Commercial Developments

As cities continue to grow, commercial developers are challenged to confront empty spaces in and outside their buildings. These 'dead spaces' in commercial developments are often left unused and serve little to no purpose for people and the urban environment. As a result, they waste potentially useable space for people to work, gather, and socialize in.

Let's look at how developers can energize dead spaces in commercial developments to be flexible and well-designed.

Create Functional Space

When developers, planners, and architects design buildings, they need to focus on creating functional space throughout the entire site, including its outdoor areas. By incorporating interactive and engaging elements like seating areas on pathways, staircases, and more, you're able to leverage these areas and create multi-functional spaces that allow people to work and socialize safely in them. 

Make Meaningful Connections

When designing and building spaces in and around buildings, remember that they should always be meaningful and offer benefits to guests and tenants. A great way to accomplish this is by hiring local artists to paint murals and display their artwork. Turning bridges, alleyways, roofs, and patio areas into gardens or biospheres helps brighten up industrial cities and provides a relaxing retreat for individuals to escape to. Also, adding water features and incorporating unique touchpoints on doorknobs and wayfinding points enhances one's experience as they move throughout the building.

Revitalize Old Buildings 

Older buildings often provide functional, mobility, and design challenges that make them uncomfortable to inhabit and work in. As a result, they tend to have dead spaces like long-lost rooms or hallways that go unused. Incorporating these areas into an open floor plan with sustainable features and large windows helps bring life and traffic flow back into them.

Bring Your Commercial Development Spaces Back to Life 

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