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Designing Apartment Construction for the Post Pandemic World

How COVID-19 Impacted Apartment Construction and Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways, especially the physical space we occupy. Multi-family property owners and developers have had to tackle the lingering effects on apartment construction and design. Moving forward, they'll need to adapt to new changes in building designs caused by the pandemic–including everything from touchless operating elevator doors to sanitation upgrades.

For a look ahead, here are some of the trends we are seeing in the design plans for new and upcoming residential buildings.

Better Ventilation

Fresh air circulation is more important than ever, even in personal living spaces. An efficient way to provide improved circulation is with an energy recovery ventilation system. These can be installed in each apartment to help assure indoor air cleanliness.

Upgraded Bathrooms

Throughout the economic and health crisis, the need for increased space became a common theme in the pandemic-influenced building design. Upgrading public restrooms to have more expansive floor plans, touchless fixtures, higher ceilings, and doors that can be opened and closed with foot pedals will need to be included in design plans.

Enlarged Floor Plans

One trend designers and builders should begin to implement in plans is creating hallways for greater social distancing. However, in some buildings it may prove challenging to develop more extensive corridors due to structural implications, so this issue will need to be addressed on a project-by-project basis.

Touchless Fixtures

For buildings relying on elevators, introducing this form of technology will be crucial. Some possible solutions include floor pedals and smartphone apps to open and close doors and select the appropriate floor level. Other touchless features may consist of touchless door entries. Similar to elevator operation, smartphone apps can work like key fobs for tenants to open doors when they approach them. Physical keychain tools can also assist tenants in operating doors and pushing elevator buttons, eliminating the need to touch the handles and buttons physically.

Easier Access to Outdoor Spaces 

In recent years, large balconies and terraces have been cut out of design plans. However, the pandemic has created a rise in demand for private outdoor spaces, particularly in the cities and urban environments. Outdoor spaces provide tenants access to fresh air and the ability to get out of the house safely.

Enhanced Sanitization 

Reducing the spread of infectious diseases is something designers, developers, and owners need to look strategically at through sanitation options to protect tenants. Sanitization stations and technology infrastructures such as UV lighting in HVAC ducts and lamps can be placed throughout the building to help eliminate any diseases from spreading. 

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