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Virtual Design and Construction Improves Business Performance

Benefits of Virtual Design and Construction on Business Objectives

Virtual design and construction is a great tool to utilize for construction project managers, architects, and engineers. The tool helps to create reliable information that allows project teams to explore, conceptualize, and showcase the project’s design throughout each stage of development. Design and build firms should adopt virtual design and construction to advance business performance objectives on each job site. Here are four reasons virtual design and construction technology is beneficial for the project design and build, project team, and the client.

3D Visualization of the Project

One of the essential benefits virtual design and construction provides is an accurate 3D rendering of the project design. The technology allows users to lay out site logistics, draw plans, evaluate of the project, and review other important details to create a full-scale 3D animated mockup of the project. When looking at the project through the technology, all users can easily walkthrough and visualize the project before it’s even built.

Real Time Cost Estimating

A major challenge for many design and build firms when designing and building large projects is real time project costing. These firms can either make or lose money on a large job depending on the cost estimation they establish before the build begins using spreadsheets and shop drawings. Design and build firms that use virtual design and construction technology can easily avoid cost estimation mishaps. The technology allows users to implement and extract data from their visual models that provide accurate cost estimates of the project. No longer will critical subsystems be overlooked during the cost estimation stage as everything is laid out right in front of you in easy-to-read models.

Increased Communication

When moving through the stages of development for a large project, there is nothing worse than lack of productivity or missed work due to miscommunication. Design and build firms can avoid this by implementing virtual design and construction technology. The technology is designed to create communication and collaboration across the entire project team in order to reduce task divisions from operating independently from the whole team.

Accurate Project Planning

During the stages of development of a project, achieving business performance objectives on time is vital to the project’s success. Any project that experiences small setbacks or major delays can lengthen the project’s schedule and result in it taking longer than anticipated. Not only will the project team be dissatisfied, but the client will be unhappy that their timeline is pushed back, and that the projects budget has increased. As a result, the design and build firms potential to generate a profit will decrease significantly.

In order to increase the likelihood of no setbacks occurring, virtual design and construction technology is advantageous in creating more accurate project designs, greater transparency, and detailed scheduling. When the early stages of the project begin, project managers will have more time to identify any potential issues and sources of delays to avoid them from happening down the road. Design and build teams should take full advantage of the virtual design and construction features and develop a building schedule to ensure the project is completed on time and of course, accurately.

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