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Construction Management Best Practices

Construction Management: A Glimpse at the Best Strategies

Construction projects are inherently challenging as they tend to be broad in scope, involve numerous parties, and take a considerable amount of time to complete. As a construction project manager, you’re supposed to bring the job to completion on time and within the specified budget. While many different aspects can easily throw a project off track, you have to put the job back on track as a project manager. Projects have the potential to go awry unless proper construction management strategies are implemented.  

What is Construction Management?

Construction management is the overarching guidance that steers construction projects on time in the right direction. Construction managers plan, budget, coordinate, and oversee projects from their beginning to their end, while working with local, state, and federal authorities to ensure the project's entirety adheres to all pertinent laws' nuances. In other words, the construction process would be quite disorganized and disconnected if construction management were not

serving as the guiding force.


Set a Project Scope 


The best construction managers will set a project scope prior to work commencing to manage a construction project. Having a project scope set in writing establishes the work's magnitude to be completed and a timeline, benchmarks, and budget to follow. It also establishes the project's expectations, which sets a goal for the construction team to work toward.


Know the Construction Team


Understanding the construction players before you hire them is essential. Not only should you check their licenses and references provided, but you should reach out to their former clients, vendors, and people they’ve worked with outside of their reference list to have a clearer picture of who these individuals are. Doing your due diligence on background checks allows you to have better insight into your team's work ethic. 


Review all Documents with Relevant Parties at the Start


The construction phase will generate optimal results if all essential documents are reviewed with the project team before the building's construction. Project managers should meet with the architect to review the documents before the plan is sent out to bid. The construction supervisor, architect, and relevant consultants should be included in this review process.  

This review period is also an opportunity to address contractor questions ahead of time while simultaneously creating a clearer picture of its scope. It is up to the architect to make any necessary corrections and issue the relevant documents.


Hold Meetings with Regularity


Meetings should be held at least once a month with all relevant parties to ensure the project is on pace for completion at the target date and within the budgetary limitations. 


Ideally, these meetings will take place on-site. The project manager, architect, and developer should attend these monthly meetings with the overarching goal of establishing coherence that facilitates progress on time.


Always Communicate 


Poor communication leads to mistakes and disputes, unrealistic expectations, and ineffective practices. Construction project managers need to speak in a clear, calm tone. Doing so allows you and your team to foster good relationships to look at problems and solve them efficiently and effectively. 


Anticipate Setbacks 


Every project, even the best-laid plans, have a chance to go awry. Despite frustrations, the important thing is not to throw away the original plan. When creating a project plan, be sure to include extra time in the schedule and money in the budget to ensure you have the resources available to fix the small setbacks before they become bigger ones.


Plan Reviews Amidst Construction


When the project reaches its halfway point, it is time to re-evaluate the construction plans. This analysis should be a team effort involving the developer, manager, designer, and construction head. The mid-project review aims to ensure the work adheres to the qualified allocation plan, budget, and building standards.


Stay on Top of Trends


The world around us is ever-changing, leaving room for new solutions to solve everyday problems. As manager of a construction project, staying on top of recent trends and learning from them provides you with the tools to make your life easier. Solutions such as implementing new software can help save the construction project time and money while showing potential stakeholders you are willing to learn and keep up with technological changes to provide the best service. 

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